Sponsorship Opportunities


​Support the Organization that Supports Your Industry!

Texas restaurant industry sales are projected to reach $52.4 billion. The Texas Restaurant Association is the primary voice for this vibrant industry and offers many opportunities for suppliers to the industry to reach a targeted audience—restaurant owners and operators.

By partnering with the TRA through a variety of events, programs and publications, partners connect with the Texas food service industry in a meaningful way. Sponsorships support and grow the organization that supports the Texas food service industry. Our partners receive a wide array of benefits tailored to their needs and our members receive the information on products and services they need to be successful.

The Preferred Partner program offers quality products and services at a discounted rate as a special member benefit. By participating in the Preferred Partner program, your company is able to provide what restaurateurs need to make their operations profitable. Preferred Partners must be statewide members, have a statewide sales force, and comprehensive marketing plans. If you believe your company is the right fit, complete the Preferred Partner application.

One of the most important events TRA produces is our annual tradeshow and convention, TRA Marketplace. Thousands of foodservice professionals attend this two-day event each year looking for information, inspiration and the best products to help their businesses become more profitable. Learn more about TRA Marketplace partnership opportunities.