TRA News Now - Big Wins for TRA

Dec 12

TRA (and Texas restaurants) had some big wins lately at both the state and national levels with Paid Sick Leave and the 80/20 Rule. 

The Paid Sick Leave ordinance was the first of its kind in Texas. After passing earlier this year, a number of powerful business-aligned groups sued. In November, the 3rd Court of Appeals ruled the Austin Paid Sick Leve ordinance was unconstitutional because it violated the Texas Minimum Wage Act. 

At the federal level, the 80/20 Rule burdened employers, especially those in hospitality, with tracking the daily activities of tipped employees minute-by-minute. However, recently the Department of Labor abandoned the rule in an opinion letter. 

Learn more about these hard-won victories and how you can get involved by watching our latest two-minute TRA News Now!  

Did you know that TRA has an entire library of TRA News Now videos? Check out all our different topics here.


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