TRA News Now - Consistent Employment Regulations

Mar 8

Texas cities have begun to pass (or trying to pass) local ordinances regulating all kinds of private employment practices, such as hiring, scheduling and benefits that are usually handled at the state and federal levels, or left to the employer. 

These inconsistent, patchwork employment regulations create massive compliance issues, confusion for employees, and bureaucratic hurdles for employers of all sizes.

To fix this growing problem, TRA, along with the Alliance for the Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas (ASSET) coalition, is supporting Senate Bill 15 and House Bill 1654, or the Consistent Employment Regulations bills. This legislation would prohibit any municipality or county from requiring certain employment benefits or policies – and they may not adopt any policy that exceeds or conflicts with federal or state law relating to any form of employment leave, hiring practices, employment benefits, scheduling practices, or other terms of employment. Tune in to our two-minute TRA News Now and learn more!


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