• Nov 22

    A San Antonio district judge has granted a temporary injunction on the San Antonio Sick and Safe Law which prevents the ordinance from taking effect on Dec. 1, 2019. The judge has asked the parties to prepare for a trial on the merits of the...

  • Nov 19

    Workplace harassment is a serious problem - and on the rise. Employers have one basic obligation to their workers - to provide a safe, working environment, free from discrimination and harassment. Failure to address the issue can not only affect the...

  • Nov 18
    Matthew Mabel speaking to TRA Marketplace crowd

    What’s Your Culture? Matthew Mabel of Surrender spoke at the 2019 TRA Marketplace about defining and honing your restaurant’s culture. Before anyone begins to raise eyebrows: every restaurant has a culture, an owner or manager isn’t the culture, and...

  • Nov 15

    At TRA Marketplace 2019, marketing gurus Kamal Heikal of Ben E. Keith, Linda Veatch of Fuzzy’s Taco, Rachel Lewis of Hometown Social, and Thomas Nguyen of Peli Peli got together to have a discussion about successful marketing tactics for restaurants...

  • Nov 14
    dawn ann larios

    Longtime political strategist will drive SARA’s influence and focus on expanding the local membership base SAN ANTONIO, TX (November 14, 2019) -- The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) announces it has hired Dawn Ann Larios as Executive Director of...

  • Nov 12
    Former TRA President Mike Hamilton laid to rest 1961-2019

    Today our hearts are heavy as we lay to rest one of our fiercest advocates and dearest friends - TRA past president, and former state representative (2003-2012) – Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton. Best known for his beaming smile, sharp wit and never-ending...

  • Nov 6

    The Department of Labor recently issued its final overtime rule. Our latest two-minute TRA News Now takes a look at key provisions, such as the new salary threshold of $35,568 per year. Watch now and see what other changes have taken place, and how...

  • Nov 5
    sign for sorry we're closed

    The recent tornados in Dallas brought operations to a halt to a few local restaurants. There are several different types of business insurance that can all help cover your restaurant or business in one-way or another. Property insurance is a type of...

  • Nov 4
    open enrollment graphic

    As open enrollment season approaches hundreds of Texas restaurants are evaluating their benefits packages and making choices that will impact their employees and families. These important decisions will impact their employee health care and other...

  • Nov 1
    Modernize your payroll image of coworkers

    Are you one of almost 30 percent of businesses still using payroll technology more than 10 years old? If so, your days of working with paper timesheets, punch cards and physical time clocks should be over. Luckily for today’s entrepreneur, modern...

  • Oct 23

    The holiday season is swiftly approaching and that means that employers often hire additional workers. Both employers and employees get very busy during this hectic time. However, employers need to stay vigilant and remain fully aware of all the...

  • Oct 21

    Presented by Clinton Wolf, SVP of Health and Insurance at the National Restaurant Association this webinar will cover: Why you need to offer health care Quick overview of Obamacare basics How to keep costs down: High Deductible, Self Funding, HSAs...