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There's something incredibly rewarding to having a career where your task is to make sure someone has a great meal. Restaurants are where that happens. That's where memories are made and celebrations of life regularly happen. It's hard work - it involves critical thinking and swift reaction time - but most shifts fly by and you're left with a well deserved pile of tips and friends you'll keep for a lifetime. The Texas Restaurant Association wants to help you jumpstart that career by offering free certification training, so you can get to work as soon as the open sign comes on.

To support the return of our industry's workforce post COVID-19 and welcome those interested in first-time foodservice employment, the Texas Restaurant Association, in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission, is pleased to offer these certifications to Texas residents at no cost.

As one of the most regulated industries for the health, safety, and sanitation of its employees and customers, a career in the foodservice industry begins with a certification in food and/or alcohol safety. Front of house employees in establishments that serve beer, wine, and mixed beverages are required to have a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) approved and valid seller-server certification.

Select below which of the certifications you need and complete the registration form. Remember, front of house employees in establishments that serve beer, wine, and mixed beverages might also be required to have a valid TABC seller-server certification.

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